What We Grow

We have been a working farm for decades and the land has been passed through the generations of the Brown family.

We believe in nurturing the land and our animals to provide the most delicious and nutrient-dense products.  Buying local and farm fresh has many benefits to your health, the taste of your food and the local economy!

Unlike the bigger stores, farm fresh produce is picked at the peak of ripeness, which maximizes flavor and means that the customer is consuming the highest amounts of essential vitamins and minerals possible.

Here’s Some of What We Grow on Our Farm:



Strawberry Onions

Sweet Corn

Summer Squash

Seasonal Vegetables

Other Items Include:

If you are looking for the freshest, highest-quality beef and pork on the market, look no further! We raise our own grass-fed beef and pork on the farm here in Oxford, FL.

All of our meat is USDA certified ensuring the high quality of our cuts – delicious, tender, and packed with flavor. Our animals are never given growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or other growth-promoting additives.

You can find our cuts in Brown’s Country Store – please call ahead of time for availability at (352)-303-1550

Fertilized cow hay available – $50 per roll

Square bales of straw available – $8 each

Round bales of straw available – $35 each

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