Certified TifQuik Bahia Grass Seed

TifQuik Bahia is a new seed released by the U.S. Department and Agriculture and the University of Georgia. Designed to help forage growers lengthen their production season, TifQuik Bahia features reduced hard seed and faster germination and establishment. And, since the pasture will be covered sooner, grazing and/or hay removal occur sooner – with higher initial yields. In addition to early grazing, hay harvests may occur many times during the growing season.

About TifQuik

Development of a "New" Seed

TifQuik Bahia was developed with existing Bahia grass cultivars in mind. They are continually challenged with having a considerable amount of hard seed which requires two to three weeks to establish a full stand, thus allowing weeds to infest the pasture and restricting moisture for forage seed germination.

Therefore, quick germination was key in developing TifQuik. It took researchers four years to achieve the desired qualities. During each test cycle, enough seed was planted from the previous one to obtain 1,000 seedlings that germinated within the first week. Seedlings were transplanted to clay pots in the greenhouse and then to a fumigated field to establish a nursery.

Growers desiring to include Bahia grass in a sod-based rotation system with row crops such as peanut and cotton are particularly fond of this seed. U.S. Bahia grass has been shown to reduce nematode and disease problems in subsequent crops, and it gives many forage growers another way to make their operations more efficient and profitable.

Care and Maintenance

Planting Time: Early to Mid-Spring
Type: Permanent
Maintenance: Low Applications: Pastures, Grazing, Forage, Hay
Germination Period: 7-14 days
Climate: Southeastern United States
Seed Rate: 20 -40 lbs. per acre
Seed Depth: ¼ inch – 3/8 inch