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Support from other local businesses in the form of sponsorship really helps Brown & Brown Farms to put on the best events and festivals possible for the local community.  We love win-win situations, so our unique sponsorship packages are put together and executed professionally, ensuring your business gets great exposure on a number of levels including:

  • Pre-event and post-event branding as well as great exposure during the event
  • Professionally executed social media campaign
  • Newspaper and magazine advertising
  • Flyer and poster branding
  • Radio advertising
  • Event banners and signs
  • Premium event positioning for maximum interactivity with guests
  • Event ‘shout outs’

Current Opportunities

Junk In The Trunk Sponsorship

Since we began in September 2021, Junk In The Trunk has grown tremendously and continues to grow at a rapid pace.  It all started with a girl from England who missed British car boot sales and had some empty fields to use.

We would like to take this special community event to the next level and need support for our ideas and improvements which include better parking/vendor infrastructure and layout, admission point booth/lighting, signage, bathrooms etc.

Junk In The Trunk By Numbers (and growing!)

  • 50,000+ Shoppers Annually
  • 6,500 Junk In The Trunk Facebook Followers
  • 18,000 Brown & Brown Farms Followers
  • 30,891 Facebook Junk In The Trunk Event RSVP’s to date
  • New Email List Being Built
  • Thousands of Shares Every Month

In return, your business will receive Facebook shares and mentions, signage at each Junk In The Trunk event, logo and thanks on our monthly newsletter, plus a premium monthly spot at each event during the course of your sponsorship.

We are currently running each Junk In The Trunk Sale on the first Saturday of every month and, due to very high demand, are working on increasing this to 2 times per month. These prices are for a once monthly event, however if you sign up now we will not charge extra for doubling your exposure when we increase our event to 2 times per month. This could happen as early as March!

6 Month Sponsorship – $850 (works out to only $141.66 per month)

12 Month Sponsorship – $1350 (works out to just $112.50 per month)

Payments should be in full before sponsorship commences.

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