Feeding Locals Since 1955

We began our farming operation with 93 acres and it has since developed into what Brown & Brown Farms is today. Brown’s Country Store began as a roadside stand at our farm in 1977 and, over the years, has grown into the 5,500 sq. ft. store you’ll find when you visit. Located in what used to be our old tomato packing house, the old wooden beams, with our hand-made furniture and wooden carts transports shoppers back in time to the good ole’ days.

Our team is dedicated to giving you nothing but the best products and service. Stop in today and experience the farm freshness!

What’s Inside

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Our own FDA approved Farmed-Raised Organic Beef & Pork
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Real Amish Butter
  • Local Raw Milk
  • Locally made Pies, Cheesecake, Cookies, Ready Meals and Sauces
  • Local Bread, including a variety of Loaves, Bagels and Rolls
  • Local Honey
  • A Variety of Candy
  • Amish Pickles, Jams, Meats & Cheeses
  • Brown’s Freshly Popped Kettle Corn
  • Fresh Georgia Pecans
  • Fresh Boiled Peanuts
  • Field Peas
  • Old Fashioned Soda
  • And Much More!

Fresh & Local

At our country store you’ll find all kinds of produce grown right here on the farm or locally grown. You will also find an array of locally baked goods, hand selected by us because of their delicious flavors and excellence.