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Things to do

Brown's Corn Maze

The Brown & Brown Corn Maze started back in 2011 and everyone that attended that event has been begging us to bring it back.

For those unfamiliar, a corn maze (or maize maze) is a natural maze that is created by cutting intricate patterns into a cornfield. Often these patterns are artistic in nature, tell a story, or celebrate a particular event – like an anniversary. Whatever the design, they are a blast for the whole family.

Brown & Brown planted our corn maze in August so that it would be ready by October and have a path that leads you from the entrance to the exit. However, you can expect many surprises and false trails along the way.

Brown’s Corn Maze is a part of Brown’s Corn Maze & Fall Extravaganza, a 5-week long festival. Scroll down to learn more and get your tickets today by clicking here.

When & Where

Experience the Corn Maze & Fall Extravaganza every Friday through Saturday

More Than A Corn Maze

After finding your way through the 8-acre Corn Maze, enjoy many other activities for all ages like U-Pick Sunflowers, the culvert slide, corn hole, kids play area, the grain train, human foosball, duck race, barnyard basketball, kettle corn, fresh squeezed lemonade, food trucks, Brown’s Country Store and so much more!

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